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October 9, 2022

Buffalo News: "Deadline for a stadium benefits plan nears – with no sign of a final deal"

By: Michael Petro, Sandra Tan | October 9, 2022  

June 14, 2022

Investigative Post: "No action on stadium benefits agreement"

By: Geoff Kelly | June 14, 2022 There's been talk, but little movement to negotiate a community benefits agreement tied to the new Buffalo Bills venue. Leverage has been lost and time is running out.   

May 11, 2022

WGRZ: "Buffalo neighbors criticize aspects of Mayor's proposed budget"

By: Rob Hackford | May 11, 2022 A line of Buffalo neighbors shared their criticisms of Mayor Byron Brown's proposed budget Tuesday evening, during a public hearing held by the Common Council. Four budget items garnered the most attention, the Mayor's 4% property tax and garbage fee increase, …

April 3, 2022

Buffalo News: "Advocates: No Bills stadium deal without strong community benefits agreement"

By: Sandra Tan | April 3, 2022 Community advocates are demanding that elected leaders refuse to approve any new Buffalo Bills stadium deal unless it's accompanied by a strong community benefits agreement to ensure that the Bills organization gives back to the people of Buffalo and Erie County.

March 29, 2022

Spectrum News: "Western New York community advocate groups pushing for CBA in Bills stadium contracts"

By: Brianne Roesser | March 29, 2022 Community advocates are pushing for a return on investment from the new Bills stadium that will directly impact Buffalo. State and local leaders announced Monday that the new Bills stadium will go in Orchard Park across from the current one and cost about $1.4 …

February 3, 2022

WBEN: "Lawmakers weigh-in on call for community benefits agreement in new stadium deal"

By: Tom Puckett| February 3, 2022 When a deal on a new lease for the Buffalo Bills and new stadium is finally reached and announced, it will eventually make its way to the desks of Erie County and New York State lawmakers for review and approval. Without the details being yet known, some area …

February 3, 2022

Investigative Post Daily Post: "Stadium benefits campaign goes public"

By: Geoff Kelly| February 3, 2022 A coalition that wants a community benefits agreement attached to public subsidies for a new Buffalo Bills stadium has taken their campaign public, after months of quiet organizing. The coalition held a press conference Tuesday morning at Johnnie B. Wiley stadium …

February 2, 2022

WBFO: "Coalition calls for community benefit agreement tied to new Bills stadium"

By: Thomas O'Neil-White| February 2, 2022 A Community Benefits Agreement, or CBA, attached to a large-scale development project is an agreement that spells out what contributions could come back to the community impacted by the project. In Erie County, talk of a new football stadium for the Buffalo …

February 2, 2022

WBEN: "Local coalition calls for community benefits agreement in Bills stadium deal"

By: Newsroom| February 2, 2022 A local coalition known as Partnership for the Public Good held a press conference at the steps of the Johnnie B. Wiley Pavilion in Buffalo on Wednesday calling for Erie County Legislators to insist on a robust community benefits agreement as part of …

February 2, 2022

Buffalo News: "Advocates want legally binding community benefits agreement in Bills stadium deal"

By: Sandra Tan| February 2, 2022 If a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills gets built, it's all but a foregone conclusion that the team and its owners will benefit financially. But a group of community leaders are continuing the drum beat to ensure benefits don't just flow in one direction. Members of …

February 2, 2022

WKBW: "Coalition calls on Bills, state and county to promise benefits to community in stadium deal"

Ashley Rowe|February 2, 2022 While the Buffalo Bills, Erie County, and New York State are hashing out details for a new stadium, community members are working to make sure they're included in the plans. A coalition of groups that include the Partnership for Public Good and Buffalo Transit Riders …