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Colleen Kristich

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Community Researcher

Colleen Kristich

Colleen Kristich is the Health & Climate Community Researcher at PPG with a focus on issues in healthy housing and environmental justice such as lead poisoning prevention, energy-efficiency programs and other initiatives meant to ensure safe, quality and affordable housing for all. She is a licensed social worker by training and holds an MSW from the University at Buffalo and a BA in Psychology and Environmental Biology from Houghton College. Before coming to PPG Colleen managed an emergency assistance program in downtown Buffalo to help residents meet their basic needs. She has also worked directly with Buffalo Public School students as an Americorps member, an outdoor educator and as a tutor for former refugees working towards undergraduate degrees in psychology. Previous work as an outreach coordinator for an energy-efficiency program took her inside hundreds of homes around Erie County, sparking her interest in the urgent need for policy reforms around safe and healthy homes.

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