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Cruelty and Cost: Money Bail in Buffalo
Restorative Practices in Buffalo: Building and Rebuilding Community
Body Cameras for the Buffalo Police: Best Practices for Policy Creation
The City of Buffalo Police Department
Advancing Racial Equity and Public Health: Smarter Marijuana Laws in Western New York
Another Voice: Build on Progress in Police Reforms
Better Policing for the City of Buffalo: Toward Community, Transparency, and Justice
Collaboration, Communication and Community-Building
Access to Justice in Buffalo and Beyond: Making the Justice System More Welcoming for Refugees
The Potential Impact of Legalizing, Regulating, and Taxing Marijuana on Erie County and New York State
Lisa Strand Interview
Initiatives for a Stronger Community
Poverty, Race, and Community Policing in Buffalo
Prisons of Poverty
Alarming Disparities: The Disproportionate Number of African American and Hispanic People in Erie County Criminal Justice System
Gang Prevention in Buffalo, NY and National Best Practices
Best Practices in Mental Health at Corrections Facilities
The Erie County Holding Center and Correctional Facility
Alternatives to Incarceration
Violent Crime in the City of Good Neighbors