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Photobank: Education Cooperation Buffalo Academy - Pt I
Photobank: Education Cooperation Buffalo Academy - Pt II
Photobank: Education Cooperation Buffalo Academy - Pt III
Erasing Red Lines: Part 3 - Building Community Wealth
The Eastside-Airport Metro Rail Extension
A First Look at Exploring Buffalo's Temp Economy
Workers on the Brink: Low-Wage Employment in Buffalo and Erie County
Advancing Racial Equity and Public Health: Smarter Marijuana Laws in Western New York
County’s New Hiring Policy Will Ease Poverty, Inequality
Earned Sick Time Policy Brief
Town IDAs in Erie County: 2011-2013
Employment Data for Buffalo
HUD Report on Buffalo Community Development Block Grant Program
Generating Waste: Problems with NYPA and the IDAs and How to Solve Them
Canal Side: How Will the Community Benefit?
Erie County Industrial Development Agency
The Erie Canal Harbor Development: Building on Community Assets for a Sustainable Future
IDA Reform
Missing the Target
The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation
IDA Consolidation
Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitors Bureau
Community Development Block Grants and Buffalo
Brownfield Cleanup and Development in Buffalo, New York
Historic Preservation
Professional Sports Subsidies
The New York Power Authority
Erie County Office of Economic Development
Buffalo's Tourism
Sprawling by the Lake: How IDA-Granted Property Tax Exemptions Undermine Older Parts of the Buffalo/Niagara Metro Area