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The Eastside-Airport Metro Rail Extension
Photobank: Environment - Transit
Electric Buses for the NFTA
Urban Expressway Removal in Buffalo: The Historical Context
Lead Poisoning: Triggers and Thresholds
Redesigning the Scajaquada Expressway
Traffic Equity in Buffalo, New York
State Funding for the NFTA Reduces Pollution, Fights Poverty, and Promotes Economic Development
Buffalo's Community Bicycle Workshop
Looking for Trickledown Under the Peace Bridge: A Critique of the Public Bridge Authority's Economic Impact Claims
Cooling Global Warming Through Transit
Policies to Encourage Biking and Walking in Buffalo
Increasing Use of Public Transit
Transportation and Low Wage Work
Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA)
Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority
Position Statement on Route Five and the Peace Bridge
Left Behind: How Difficulties with Transportation are a Roadblock to Self-Sufficiency
The Peace Bridge Chronicles