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Rental Housing Costs in Buffalo
WNY Women & Children Living in Poverty Fact Sheet
Employment Data for Buffalo
Erie County Work Experience Program Partnerships with Non-Profits Offer Work Experience to Temporary Assistance to Needy Family Recipients
Creating Assets, Savings & Hope Buffalo
Project Dandelion
The Buffalo Living Wage Ordinance
Geographies of Poverty: Buffalo-Niagara Metropolitan Area
The Geography of Poverty: City of Buffalo
Buffalo, Amherst, and Erie County: Worlds Apart
Unionization of Low Wage Workers
An Educational Gift: Teacher Aides in New York State
Dishwashers: Workers in a Low-Wage Occupation
Landscapers and Grounds Keepers
The Job of a UB Janitor
Working as an EMT
Exploring Low Wage Work in the Farming Industry
Food Service Workers in Buffalo Public Schools
Food Service Workers in Restaurants: Short Order Cooks, First-Line Supervisors, and Managers
Home Health Aides
Retail Sales: Selling to make a Living
Sanitation Workers in the City of Buffalo
School Bus Monitors in Western New York
Working as a Security Guard in Western New York
Working as a Receptionist
Childcare Workers
Informal Economies
Economic Inequality in New York State
Predatory Business Practices: Automobile Financing