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Anna Blatto

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Part-time Research Associate

Anna Blatto

Anna Blatto is a recent graduate of the University at Buffalo with degrees in Sociology and Urban and Public Policy. She spent much of her 2017-2018 senior year interning with PPG, the work of which resulted in a publication on the history and manifestations of segregation in Buffalo. She continued her work at PPG in her expanded role of AmeriCorps Communications and Research Fellow through August 2019, and now serves as a part-time research associate. Much of her work now focuses on advocacy and outreach in preparation for the upcoming 2020 Census as well as research on water affordability in the City of Buffalo. Her areas of interest include social equity and justice, racial and spatial segregation, neighborhood effects, affordable housing, and transportation and their relationships with social and urban public policy. In the coming years, she hopes to pursue graduate work related to urban public policy.

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