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Ranked Choice Voting in Western New York? Successes & Lessons from New York City
Unburying Buffalo: Making the Case for Sidewalk Snow Removal
Racial Discrimination and Eviction Policies and Enforcement in New York
Building a Safer Buffalo: Invest in Communities, Divest from Police
Co-op and crises: examining cooperative movements across the world, the US, and Buffalo, NY
Why Buffalo Needs Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD): Reducing Arrests and Providing Alternatives to Incarceration
Language Access for Erie County is Essential and Overdue
Photobank: Arts and Culture Social Justice and the Arts at Ujima - Pt I
Photobank: Arts and Culture Social Justice and the Arts at Ujima - Pt II
Photobank: Arts and Culture Social Justice and the Arts at Ujima - Pt III
Photobank: Arts and Culture Social Justice and the Arts at Ujima - Pt IV
The Eastside-Airport Metro Rail Extension
FB Community Land Trust Fact Sheet
There Goes Our Family Friendly Neighborhood: Residents’ Perceptions of Institutionally Driven Inner-City Revitalization in Buffalo, NY
Community Agenda Update: Midyear Progress Report
Improving Teen Engagement in Buffalo and Erie County
Women in Elected Office Challenges and Opportunities in Erie County
A Guide for Making Community Gardens Accessible for all Members and Checklist
Voting 101
Restorative Practices in Buffalo: Building and Rebuilding Community
Immigrants, Refugees, and Languages Spoken in Buffalo
Child Care Subsidy Fact Sheet
WNY Girls in Sports
WNY Women & Children Living in Poverty Fact Sheet
What If...Pathways to Progress Vol. 2: Women and Girls in WNY
Advancing Racial Equity and Public Health: Smarter Marijuana Laws in Western New York
One Nation Under a Groove: Beauty and Democracy Reconsidered
Better Policing for the City of Buffalo: Toward Community, Transparency, and Justice
Working Toward Equality, Updated: Race, Employment, and Public Transportation in Erie County
The Story of the Puerto Rican-Chicano Committee (PRCC)
"Locked in Buffalo's Socioeconomic Basement": An examination of Political and Institutional Racial Discrimination and its Effects on the local African American Community
Utilization of Language Services for Clients with Limited English Proficiency Protocols
Access to Justice in Buffalo and Beyond: Making the Justice System More Welcoming for Refugees
Working Toward Equality
Typical Elements in Limited English Proficiency Plans
Ba Zan Lin Interview
Best Practices in Language Access and Cultural Competency
Gamileh Jamil Interview
Lisa Strand Interview
Megan Rumph Perry Interview
Better Choices for Buffalo's Students: Expanding & Reforming the Criteria Schools System
Initiatives for a Stronger Community
Poverty, Race, and Community Policing in Buffalo
Language Access
Serving Limited English Proficient Clients
Alarming Disparities: The Disproportionate Number of African American and Hispanic People in Erie County Criminal Justice System
Housing Segregation, Inequality, and Poverty in Buffalo-Niagara
Best Practices in Mental Health at Corrections Facilities
Buffalo, Amherst, and Erie County: Worlds Apart
Refugees, Food Insecurity, and Community Gardens
Drug Testing by Potential Employers
Local and Minority Hiring Practices
Criminal Convictions and Employment Rights in New York State
Pathways to Progress
Limited English Proficiency Access in Buffalo and Erie County
The Erie County Holding Center and Correctional Facility
Racial Disparities in Buffalo
Beyond Food Deserts: Measuring and Mapping Racial Disparities in Neighborhood Food Environments
The Persistence of Segregation in Buffalo, New York