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Community through the eyes of children: blending child-centered research and qualitative geovisulization

Jin-Kyu Jung — Jul 26, 2014

Community is an ambiguous concept, and the meanings of community as a subject of study have received a great deal of attention across various disciplines. This paper discusses how children’s diverse meanings of community shape and are shaped by the social, cultural, and physical environments of their everyday lives. To explore these meanings I combine principles of child-centered research and qualitative geovisualization into a research methodology. I demonstrate that …

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Liberty Workforce Curriculum

Tonya Russell, Lauren Undercoffer — Jul 16, 2014

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Making Waves or Treading Water? An Analysis of Charter Schools in New York State

Robert Silverman — Jul 26, 2012

Description: This article compares charter schools and other public schools in New York State. This article compares charter schools and other public schools in New York State. School Report Card (SRC) data measuring student, teacher, and school characteristics from the state’s 16 urban school districts with charter schools were examined. Descriptive and multivariate analysis was used. The findings suggest that there are more similarities in student outcomes between charter schools and …

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Geovisualizing Childrens transport exclusion: Childrens Afterschool Activity Opportunities in the Buffalo Metropolitan Area

Jin-Kyu Jung — Jul 26, 2011

This research investigates current and potentially desired opportunities available for children’s afterschool activities in the U.S. Buffalo metropolitan area. By analyzing and geographically visualizing travel paths, excluded children’s activity space, and existing activity opportunities in the 3D view using GIS, the study looks at how children’s activity opportunities are limited by any socio-spatial factors such as racial distribution,median income, current …

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