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Bolstering School Support during a Pandemic: Racial Equity and Trauma Informed Care Measures
Lead-Safe Renovation, Repair, and Painting Activities in New York State
Distinguishing the Social Sector: A Buffalo-Niagara Labor Market Study
Improving Teen Engagement in Buffalo and Erie County
Just Transitions in School Food
Gown Towns: A Case Study of Say Yes to Education
Looking Toward the Future: A Review for Liftoff--Western New York Early Childhood Funders for Change
Good Food Purchasing for the Buffalo Public Schools
A Profile of Third-Grade Reading Proficiency in Erie County
Higher Education’s Anchor Mission Measuring Place-Based Engagement
What If...Pathways to Progress Vol. 2: Women and Girls in WNY
Better Choices for Buffalo's Students: Expanding & Reforming the Criteria Schools System
Getting There: Improving Attendance in the Buffalo Public Schools
Initiatives for a Stronger Community
On the Edge: The Impact of Changing Demographics on an Inner-Ring Suburban School District
Poverty Matters: The Correlation of Poverty to Test Outcomes in Buffalo, Amherst, and Cheektowaga Schools
Impact of Poverty
The “Community as Classroom Initiative:” The Case of Futures Academy in Buffalo, New York
The Connection: Schooling, Youth Development, and Community Building– The Futures Academy Case
The Futures Academy Community Garden Project
The Difference a University Makes: An Updated Impact Analysis of the University at Buffalo
Buffalo Child Care Means Business: Full Study Report
Futures Academy: The Case for Maintaining its Magnet / Residence School Status