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Community Gardens as Urban Greening: Cutting Crime and Improving Wellbeing
The Eastside-Airport Metro Rail Extension
Community-Owned Solar Power and Micro Grids
Electric Buses for the NFTA
Methane Leaks from Natural Gas Pipelines: Solutions for New York
Good Food Buffalo Policy Brief
Urban Expressway Removal in Buffalo: The Historical Context
Lead Poisoning: Triggers and Thresholds
The Public Service Commission Should Deny National Fuel's Request for a Rate Hike
A Plan that Bears Fruit: A Community Land Trust and Other Tools For Neighborhood Revitalization in the Fruit Belt
A Planning Board for Erie County
Redesigning the Scajaquada Expressway
Reshaping Buffalo's Recycling Initiatives
Buffalo's Sprawl: Fiscal, Environmental, and Social Costs
State Funding for the NFTA Reduces Pollution, Fights Poverty, and Promotes Economic Development
Refugees, Food Insecurity, and Community Gardens
Greening Buffalo's Vacant Lots
A Green Building Ordinance for Buffalo
Looking for Trickledown Under the Peace Bridge: A Critique of the Public Bridge Authority's Economic Impact Claims
How City Hall Can Foster the Urban Farming Revolution in Buffalo
What Climate Change Means for Buffalo
Green Municipal Building Ordinances
Transportation and Low Wage Work