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Rental Housing Costs in Buffalo
Advancing Racial Equity and Public Health: Smarter Marijuana Laws in Western New York
Why Buffalo Needs Inclusionary Zoning; Affordability, Workforce Development, Inclusion, and Quality Housing
Inclusionary Zoning: Creating Equity and Lasting Affordability in the City of Buffalo, New York
Buffalo's Proposed Unified Development Ordinance
Rebuilding our Neighborhoods: Improving New York State Housing Policy to Better Meet Upstate Needs
City of Buffalo 2009-2010 Action Plan
Community Development Block Grants and Buffalo
HUD Homes: How they Can Promote Home Ownership and Reduce House Abandonment
Marketing City-Owned Properties
City of Buffalo 2008-2009 Budgets and Four Year Plans
An Integrated Approach to Fighting Blight and Poverty in Buffalo's Low-Income Neighborhoods
Housing Service Agency Structural Definition Report