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Climate Solutions are Health Solutions: An Evaluation of PUSH Green's Home Energy Efficiency Program
Housing Discrimination Complaint Data in the Buffalo Region
Analysis of City of Buffalo In-Rem Auction Data (2011-2018)
Engaging the Future of Housing in the Buffalo-Niagara Region: A Preliminary Exploration of Challenges that Lie Ahead
Building a Safer Buffalo: Invest in Communities, Divest from Police
Buffalo Tenant Bill of Rights
A Hole Too Deep: Understanding COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium Impacts on Landlords in the Buffalo-Cheektowaga Metropolitan Area
Manufactured Housing: An Affordable Housing Opportunity for Post Industrial Cities
Evicted in Buffalo: the High Costs of Involuntary Mobility
Photobank: Data, Demographics, History - Seniors Gather at West Side Community Services - Pt I
Photobank: Data, Demographics, History - Seniors Gather at West Side Community Services - Pt II
Photobank: Education - West Side Community Services Facilities
Photobank: Housing and Neighborhoods - Greater East Side Fields of Dreams Block Club - Pt I
Photobank: Housing and Neighborhoods - Greater East Side Fields of Dreams Block Club - Pt II
Photobank: Housing and Neighborhoods - West Side Community Services
Erasing Red Lines: Part 3 - Building Community Wealth
Assessment Challenge 1 NYS Tax Form rp524
Assessment Challenge 2 NYS Tax Form Pub 1114
Assessment Challenge 3 Formal Challenge Form Guide
Erasing Red Lines: Part 2 - Systems Thinking for Social and Community Change
The Eastside-Airport Metro Rail Extension
Community Land Trust Network Models
Are We Still Going Through the Empty Ritual of Participation? Inner-City Residents’ and Other Grassroots Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Public Input and Neighborhood Revitalization
FB Community Land Trust Fact Sheet
Perceptions of Residential Displacement and Grassroots Resistance to Anchor Driven Encroachment in Buffalo, NY
There Goes Our Family Friendly Neighborhood: Residents’ Perceptions of Institutionally Driven Inner-City Revitalization in Buffalo, NY
Community Agenda Update: Midyear Progress Report
Census 2020: Making Western New York Count
Rental Housing Costs in Buffalo
Venue Directory
Gentrification Can't Be The Theme of Rust Belt Recovery
Urban Design Project
Affordable Housing Strategies for the City of Buffalo
Equity Preservation Final Report
Taskforce on the Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning Update
Why Buffalo Needs Inclusionary Zoning; Affordability, Workforce Development, Inclusion, and Quality Housing
FB Community Land Trust Fundraiser
John Marsland Interview: Dennice Barr Pt1
John Marsland Interview: Dennice Barr Pt2
John Marsland Interview: Nathaniel Cole
John Marsland Interview: Zaid Islam
Life on a Nickel's Edge: Struggle and Dignity in Buffalo's Fruit Belt
A Plan that Bears Fruit: A Community Land Trust and Other Tools For Neighborhood Revitalization in the Fruit Belt
One Region Forward A New Way To Plan For Buffalo Niagara
Initiatives for a Stronger Community
Municipal property acquisition patterns in a shrinking city, Evidence for the persistence of an urban growth paradigm in Buffalo, NY
Vacant and Abandoned Housing in Buffalo
Community through the eyes of children: blending child-centered research and qualitative geovisulization
William Worthy’s Concept of "Institutional Rape" Revisited: Anchor Institutions and Residential Displacement in Buffalo, NY
Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, Perry Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan
Chasing a Paper Tiger: Evaluating Buffalo’s Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice
Housing Segregation, Inequality, and Poverty in Buffalo-Niagara
Dawn of the Dead City: An Exploratory Analysis of Vacant Addresses in Buffalo, NY 2008 to 2010
Business Development in the Perry Choice Neighborhood
Establishment of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Section 3 Business Development and Employee Training Center: A Concept Paper
Walking Tours: Narratives About the Commodore Perry Housing Development
Habitat for Humanity Buffalo
Municipal Water Management, Private Contracting, and Public Response: A Case Study of Water Privatization in Buffalo, New York
How local public administrators, nonprofit providers, and elected officials perceive impediments to fair housing in the suburbs: an analysis of Erie County, New York
Bypassing the Bust: The Stability of Upstate New York's Housing Markets During the Recession
The Futures Academy Community Garden Project
The Historical Overview of Blacks in the Fruit Belt: The Continuing Struggle to Build a Vibrant Community
Mortgage Lending Disparities in Metropolitan Buffalo: Implications for Community Reinvestment Policy
The Role of Citizen Participation and action research Principles in Main Street Revitalization
Brown to Green: Building a 21st Century Sustainable Community, A Strategic Plan for Regeneration of the Highland Avenue Community
Building a Better Neighborhood Housing Partnership
Understanding Residents Concerns Over the St. John Town House Initiative
From Theory to Practice: The Quest to Radically Reconstruct Buffalo's Inner City Neighborhoods
Fruit Belt/Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Tax Increment Financing District
The Fillmore Avenue Commercial Redevelopment Plan
The Masten District Neighborhood Plan
Fruit Belt Redevelopment Plan Preliminary Study
Futures Academy: The Case for Maintaining its Magnet / Residence School Status
Development of A Turning Point Scenario: A Strategic Plan and Action Agenda for the Fruitbelt / Medical Corridor
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Cultural District & Cultural Corridor: A Strategic Plan and Action Agenda For the Masten District
The Health Status of the Near East Side Black Community: A Study of the Wellness and Neighborhood Conditions Buffalo, New York
The Historical Roots of the Crisis in Housing Affordability: The Case of Buffalo, New York