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The Research Exchange brings community and researchers together to advance the public good. 

Are you a community partner with a research need? We would love to help connect you to researchers or graduate students who are interested in working to help find local solutions to questions. You can complete this form and email it to buffalocommons@cornell.edu or you can fill out the form below. 

If you're a researcher, click on the requests below to see current research needs.

Research Requests

Eco-Villages for the Rust Belt
Greening Vacant Lots
Increasing Bicycling by People with Low Incomes
Is Manufactured Housing a Green and Affordable Strategy for Buffalo-Niagara and similar regions?
Solar Hot Water for Cold-Weather Cities
[Unavailable/Currently Being Researched] Commercial Community Land Trust Feasibility Study
[Unavailable/Currently being researched] Land for a “Public Purpose,” at What Cost?
Percentage of Arts Dollars being Invested in Artists of Color in Greater Buffalo
Considering the Good Food Purchasing Program in Buffalo
Missing the Target? Measuring Impacts of Housing Contracts
The Elimination of Arts in Public Schools
[Unavailable/Currently Being Researched] Discharged or Reentered? What happens next?
Not just passing through: Health impacts of Large expressways in Western New York

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