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Buffalo Common Council Districts: Delaware District
Buffalo Common Council Districts: Ellicott District
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Buffalo Common Council Districts: Niagara District
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Buffalo Common Council Districts: University District
Poverty and Inequality in Buffalo-Niagara
Buffalo's History of Segregation: a Conversation with Sam Magavern and Lindsey Taylor
Erasing Red Lines: Epilogue - Where Do We Go From Here?
Western New York Census Toolkit
Poverty and Disparities in Niagara County
Erasing Red Lines: Part 2 - Systems Thinking for Social and Community Change
Distinguishing the Social Sector: A Buffalo-Niagara Labor Market Study
Erasing Red Lines: Part 1 - Geographies of Discrimination
Census 2020: Making Western New York Count
Rental Housing Costs in Buffalo
Labor Force and Unemployment Data
Advancing Racial Equity and Public Health: Smarter Marijuana Laws in Western New York
West Side Study
Buffalo Niagara - How Are We Really Doing
Immigrants, Refugees, and Languages Spoken in Buffalo
Eritrean Refugees in Buffalo
From Central Africa to Buffalo: Refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Rwanda, and Burundi
Nepali Bhutanese Refugees in Buffalo
Refugees from Iraq in Buffalo
Refugees from Somalia in Buffalo
Refugees from Sudan in Buffalo
Yemeni Immigrants in Western New York
Afghan Refugees in Buffalo
Burman, Karen, and Chin Refugees: From Burma to Buffalo
From Puerto Rico to Buffalo
Vacant and Abandoned Housing in Buffalo
Employment Data for Buffalo
The Great Recession in Buffalo-Niagara
Health Data for Buffalo and Erie County
Population Trends in Buffalo-Niagara
Buffalo's Assets
Geographies of Poverty: Buffalo-Niagara Metropolitan Area
The Geography of Poverty: City of Buffalo
Profile of Buffalo and its Region
Buffalo, Amherst, and Erie County: Worlds Apart
Education Data for Buffalo
Bypassing the Bust: The Stability of Upstate New York's Housing Markets During the Recession
Individuals Below the Poverty Level
Immigrants and Refugees in Buffalo
The Geography of Urban Poverty
Poverty and Buffalo: Beyond the Headlines
Framework for Regional Growth
Losing Ground: Income and Poverty in Upstate New York, 1980-2000