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Local Government Authority in Erie and Niagara County Website Report Card 2018
Local Government Municipality Website Report Card 2018
Affordable Housing Strategies for the City of Buffalo
716: Q&A/Lou Jean Fleron Shares Lessons from Labor History
Another Voice: Build on Progress in Police Reforms
The PUSH Green Development Zone: Building Housing Equity from the Ground Up
Municipal property acquisition patterns in a shrinking city, Evidence for the persistence of an urban growth paradigm in Buffalo, NY
William Worthy’s Concept of "Institutional Rape" Revisited: Anchor Institutions and Residential Displacement in Buffalo, NY
Initiatives for a Smart Economy
Dawn of the Dead City: An Exploratory Analysis of Vacant Addresses in Buffalo, NY 2008 to 2010
Municipal Water Management, Private Contracting, and Public Response: A Case Study of Water Privatization in Buffalo, New York
How local public administrators, nonprofit providers, and elected officials perceive impediments to hair housing in the suburbs: an analysis of Erie County, New York
Reflections on Progress at Work