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Land Use and Zoning Law: A Citizen's Guide
The Buffalo, New York Outer Harbor as a Cultural Landscape
Policies to Reduce Lead Exposure: Lessons from Buffalo and Rochester
Local Government Authority in Erie and Niagara County Website Report Card 2018
Local Government Municipality Website Report Card 2018
Affordable Housing Strategies for the City of Buffalo
716: Q&A/Lou Jean Fleron Shares Lessons from Labor History
Another Voice: Build on Progress in Police Reforms
The PUSH Green Development Zone: Building Housing Equity from the Ground Up
Municipal property acquisition patterns in a shrinking city, Evidence for the persistence of an urban growth paradigm in Buffalo, NY
Community through the eyes of children: blending child-centered research and qualitative geovisulization
William Worthy’s Concept of "Institutional Rape" Revisited: Anchor Institutions and Residential Displacement in Buffalo, NY
Chasing a Paper Tiger: Evaluating Buffalo’s Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice
Initiatives for a Smart Economy
Dawn of the Dead City: An Exploratory Analysis of Vacant Addresses in Buffalo, NY 2008 to 2010
Making Waves or Treading Water? An Analysis of Charter Schools in New York State
Walking Tours: Narratives About the Commodore Perry Housing Development
Geovisualizing Childrens transport exclusion: Childrens Afterschool Activity Opportunities in the Buffalo Metropolitan Area
Municipal Water Management, Private Contracting, and Public Response: A Case Study of Water Privatization in Buffalo, New York
How local public administrators, nonprofit providers, and elected officials perceive impediments to fair housing in the suburbs: an analysis of Erie County, New York
Mortgage Lending Disparities in Metropolitan Buffalo: Implications for Community Reinvestment Policy
The Role of Citizen Participation and action research Principles in Main Street Revitalization
Building a Better Neighborhood Housing Partnership
Black in Buffalo: A late-century progress report
Reflections on Progress at Work