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The Role of Water in Buffalo's Lead Exposure Crisis
Ecovillages in the Rust Belt
Buffalo Tenant Bill of Rights
Poor Implementation Puts Health at Risk: An Evaluation of the New York Release Program for People Incarcerated on Charges of Technical Parole Violations during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Community Gardens as Urban Greening: Cutting Crime and Improving Wellbeing
Why Buffalo Needs Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD): Reducing Arrests and Providing Alternatives to Incarceration
Shrinking Jails, Rising Costs: Erie County's Wasteful Jail Budget
Footage Release Policies for the Buffalo Police Department
Eliminate 2018 Traffic Fees and Address Unequal Traffic Enforcement in Buffalo
The Eastside-Airport Metro Rail Extension
Census 2020: Making Western New York Count
Low-Wage Work in Buffalo-Niagara
Community-Owned Solar Power and Micro Grids
Electric Buses for the NFTA
Methane Leaks from Natural Gas Pipelines: Solutions for New York
Good Food Buffalo Policy Brief
Urban Expressway Removal in Buffalo: The Historical Context
The Consequences of Being Unbanked in Buffalo
Body Cameras for the Buffalo Police: Best Practices for Policy Creation
Performance-Based Assessment for ELLs
Advancing Racial Equity and Public Health: Smarter Marijuana Laws in Western New York
Taking the High Road to Canalside: How Community Activism Has Shaped Buffalo’s Waterfront
Better Policing for the City of Buffalo: Toward Community, Transparency, and Justice
Why Buffalo Needs Inclusionary Zoning; Affordability, Workforce Development, Inclusion, and Quality Housing
Health Equity: The Path to Inclusive Prosperity in Buffalo
Lead Poisoning: Triggers and Thresholds
The Public Service Commission Should Deny National Fuel's Request for a Rate Hike
A Plan that Bears Fruit: A Community Land Trust and Other Tools For Neighborhood Revitalization in the Fruit Belt
A Planning Board for Erie County
A Community Benefit Agreement for the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus
Redesigning the Scajaquada Expressway
Buffalo Niagara - How Are We Really Doing
The Potential Impact of Legalizing, Regulating, and Taxing Marijuana on Erie County and New York State
Earned Sick Time Policy Brief
A Raise for Fast Food Workers Will Help Western New York
Poverty, Race, and Community Policing in Buffalo
Coordinated School Health in the Buffalo Public Schools: Statement of Need and Recommendations
High Road Economic Development: Best Practices
The High Road Economy: Principles and Practices
Why New York State Still Needs Single Payer Health Care
Town IDAs in Erie County: 2011-2013
A True Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers
Raising the Minimum Wage: Key Facts and Figures
Buffalo School Board Governance
English Language Learners and Standardized Tests
Erie County as a Metro-Wide School District
Should Buffalo Move Back to Neighborhood Public Schools?
Teacher Residency Requirements in Buffalo: Reconciling Community Benefits with Marketplace Realities
The Downside of Standardized Testing
Title I Funds in Buffalo Public Schools: Educating Children in Poverty
Community Health Workers: A Holistic Solution for Individual and Community Health
Concentrated Poverty and Public Education
Reshaping Buffalo's Recycling Initiatives
Buffalo's Sprawl: Fiscal, Environmental, and Social Costs
State Funding for the NFTA Reduces Pollution, Fights Poverty, and Promotes Economic Development
Best Practices in Mental Health at Corrections Facilities
Reforming Buffalo's Tax Foreclosure Process
Refugees, Food Insecurity, and Community Gardens
Greening Buffalo's Vacant Lots
The Triple Bottom Line in Buffalo: Standards for Economic, Social, and Ecological Success
A Green Building Ordinance for Buffalo
Looking for Trickledown Under the Peace Bridge: A Critique of the Public Bridge Authority's Economic Impact Claims
How City Hall Can Foster the Urban Farming Revolution in Buffalo
What Climate Change Means for Buffalo
Responding to New York's Budget Crisis
Green Municipal Building Ordinances
Unemployment and Poverty in Western New York
Who is Living in Poverty and Why?
Drug Testing by Potential Employers
Local and Minority Hiring Practices
Transportation and Low Wage Work
Children First! Child Care Assistance in Erie County
Strengthening Unemployment Insurance
The Problem of Worker Misclassification
Criminal Convictions and Employment Rights in New York State
Education Levels and Low-Wage Work
How to Improve Erie County's Work First Program
Overtime Violations
TANF and Higher Education
Paid Sick Leave: Should Investing in the Workforce be Mandatory?
Canal Side: How Will the Community Benefit?
Playing an Insecure Hand
City of Buffalo Living Wage Ordinance
Violent Crime in the City of Good Neighbors
Poverty: A State of Extremes