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Child Care Subsidy Fact Sheet
Advancing Racial Equity and Public Health: Smarter Marijuana Laws in Western New York
Taking the High Road to Canalside: How Community Activism Has Shaped Buffalo’s Waterfront
Buffalo's Agricultural Economic since the Great Recession, BSTGR 4 of 12
Buffalo's Economic Development Compared Buffalo as Part of the Rust Belt, BSTGR 5 of 12
Canadian Auto Industry since the Great Recession A Look at Buffalo from the other side of the Border, BSTGR 6 of 12
Human Capital, Local Economic Development, and the Importance of Colleges and Universities, Abel 3 of 3, BSTGR 3 of 12
Labor Market and Challenges for Workforce Development in Buffalo, BSTGR 8 of 12
Labor Market Trends in the Buffalo Region, Abel 2 of 3, BSTGR 2 of 12
Selected Labor Market Trends Buffalo Niagara Falls and Challenges for Workforce Development, BSTGR 9 of 12
The Finance Sector in Buffalo Since the Great Recession, BSTGR 10 of 12
The Performance of the Buffalo Economy Since the Great Recession 2017 Abel 1 of 3, BSTGR 1 of 12
The Reindustrialization of the U.S. Tonawanda Powertrain since the Great Recession, BSTGR 11 of 12
The Role of New York City in the Economy of New York State, BSTGR 12 of 12
716: Q&A/Lou Jean Fleron Shares Lessons from Labor History
Equity Preservation Final Report
County’s New Hiring Policy Will Ease Poverty, Inequality
Buffalo Transit Riders United: Community Agenda Plank Video
"Locked in Buffalo's Socioeconomic Basement": An examination of Political and Institutional Racial Discrimination and its Effects on the local African American Community
Credit Unions and Banks Near Downtown Buffalo
A Community Benefit Agreement for the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus
High Road Economic Development: Best Practices
The High Road Economy: Principles and Practices
Town IDAs in Erie County: 2011-2013
Talking Proud: Telling Buffalo's Stories
Employment Data for Buffalo
The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus: A High Road Strategy to Maximize the Community's Benefit
A Public Statement of Principles for High Road Development of Buffalo's Waterfront
The Great Recession in Buffalo-Niagara
Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Program: Job Training Program for Disadvantaged Workers
Erie County Work Experience Program Partnerships with Non-Profits Offer Work Experience to Temporary Assistance to Needy Family Recipients
State Funding for the NFTA Reduces Pollution, Fights Poverty, and Promotes Economic Development
HUD Report on Buffalo Community Development Block Grant Program
Benefit Corporation Legislation in New York: What's the Benefit
Generating Waste: Problems with NYPA and the IDAs and How to Solve Them
The Triple Bottom Line in Buffalo: Standards for Economic, Social, and Ecological Success
Looking for Trickledown Under the Peace Bridge: A Critique of the Public Bridge Authority's Economic Impact Claims
Drug Testing by Potential Employers
Local and Minority Hiring Practices
Criminal Convictions and Employment Rights in New York State
Education Levels and Low-Wage Work
Unionization of Low Wage Workers
Canal Side: How Will the Community Benefit?
Empire State's Cultural Capital at Risk?
Erie County Industrial Development Agency
Municipal Unions
The Erie Canal Harbor Development: Building on Community Assets for a Sustainable Future
IDA Reform
Missing the Target
The Difference a University Makes: An Updated Impact Analysis of the University at Buffalo
The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation
IDA Consolidation
Community Benefits Agreements
Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitors Bureau
Community Development Block Grants and Buffalo
Brownfield Cleanup and Development in Buffalo, New York
Historic Preservation
Professional Sports Subsidies
The New York Power Authority
Erie County Office of Economic Development
Revitalizing Buffalo: Let's Take the High Road
Sprawling by the Lake: How IDA-Granted Property Tax Exemptions Undermine Older Parts of the Buffalo/Niagara Metro Area
Achieving a Greater Buffalo
Arts & Economic Prosperity III
Can Buffalo Ever Come Back?
Sustaining Arts and Culture in Buffalo Niagara
Framework for Regional Growth
Buffalo Child Care Means Business: Full Study Report
Transition and Renewal: The Emergence of a Diverse Upstate Economy
Small Business: Big Challenge
Champions @ Work: Employment, Workplace Practices and Labor-Management Relations in Western New York: A Study
Buffalo's Tourism
Labor Unions and Coalitions in Buffalo
Localization in Buffalo
Workforce Training Programs