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Planning the City of Good (and New) Neighbours: Refugees' Experiences of the Food Environment in Buffalo, New York
The Niagara River Greenway: Fulfilling the Promise
Recycling Policies For Businesses 2017
Bringing the Good Food Purchasing Program to Buffalo, New York: Challenges and Lessons Learned
Bringing the Good Food Purchasing Program to Buffalo: An Investigation of Potential Environmental Stakeholder Participation
Working Toward Equality, Updated: Race, Employment, and Public Transportation in Erie County
PUSH Buffalo's Green Development Zone: a Model for New Economy Community Development
Create a Signature Park on the Outer Harbor: Community Agenda Plank Video
Lead Poisoning: Triggers and Thresholds
The Public Service Commission Should Deny National Fuel's Request for a Rate Hike
A Plan that Bears Fruit: A Community Land Trust and Other Tools For Neighborhood Revitalization in the Fruit Belt
Energy Poverty in Buffalo's West Side: PUSH, National Fuel, and the Fight for Equitable Energy Access
A Planning Board for Erie County
Buffalo Niagara at the Crossroads: How State Energy Policies can Lead Western New York to a Green, Prosperous, and Just Future
Buffalo's Proposed Unified Development Ordinance
Redesigning the Scajaquada Expressway
Greening the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus
Traffic Equity in Buffalo, New York
Initiatives for a Stronger Community
Composting Food and Yard Waste: A Guide for Individuals, Non-Profits, and the City of Buffalo
How to Recycle Special Items in Buffalo-Niagara
Recycling: an Easy Way to Save Money, Create Jobs, and Help the Environment
Reshaping Buffalo's Recycling Initiatives
Massachusetts Avenue Project: Urban Farming and Job Skills for Youth
Recycling by Businesses Creates Jobs, Saves Energy, Reduces Pollution, and…it’s the law!
Recycling by Multi-Family Residences Creates Jobs, Saves Energy, Reduces Pollution, and…it's the law!
Buffalo's Sprawl: Fiscal, Environmental, and Social Costs
State Funding for the NFTA Reduces Pollution, Fights Poverty, and Promotes Economic Development
Buffalo's Community Bicycle Workshop
Front Park's Past and Future
Monitoring Pollution in our Communities: The Clean Air Coalition of Western New York
Reducing Disposable Bag Use
Vacant Lot Greening Options in Buffalo
Refugees, Food Insecurity, and Community Gardens
Greening Buffalo's Vacant Lots
A Green Building Ordinance for Buffalo
Looking for Trickledown Under the Peace Bridge: A Critique of the Public Bridge Authority's Economic Impact Claims
Cooling Global Warming Through Transit
How City Hall Can Foster the Urban Farming Revolution in Buffalo
Policies to Encourage Biking and Walking in Buffalo
What Climate Change Means for Buffalo
Green Municipal Building Ordinances
Increasing Use of Public Transit
Urban Farming in Buffalo: Economic Development and Climate Change Strategy
Environmental Data for Buffalo
Healthy Eating and Active Living: For Children in the City of Buffalo
Transportation and Low Wage Work
Food Environment, Built Environment, and Women's BMI: Evidence from Erie County, New York
Buffalo Sewer Authority
Buffalo Water Authority
Erie County Sewer Division and Sewer Districts
Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA)
County Planning Boards
Sustainability Offices for Local Governments
Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority
Brownfield Cleanup and Development in Buffalo, New York
NYSERDA: New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Easy Ways to Lower your Utility Bills
Greening Buffalo: What Local Governments Can Do
Greening the Richardson Complex
Position Statement on Route Five and the Peace Bridge
Regionalism Revisited: The Effort to Streamline Governance in Buffalo and Erie County, New York
Beyond Food Deserts: Measuring and Mapping Racial Disparities in Neighborhood Food Environments
The Buffalo Olmsted Park System: Plan for the 21st Century
A Proposal to Create the Buffalo Green Land Bank
Green Infrastructure Can Combat Combined Sewer Overflows
Is a Green Building an Energy Efficient Building?
Methane and Cogeneration Technology: Renewable Energy Opportunities for Erie County Wastewater Treatment Plants
Local Advantage in a Global Era: Making Local Procurement Work for New York
Weatherization: A Step Towards Green Cities
PUSH Buffalo's Community Housing Co-operative: A Case Study in Green Building Rehabilitation
Weatherization Assistance and Low-Income Households
Niagara River Greenway Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement (Part I)
Niagara River Greenway Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement (Part II)
Niagara River Greenway Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement (Part III)
Home Energy Conservation: Affordable Housing and the Environment
The Potential of Deconstruction in Buffalo, New York
A Growing City: Hydroponic Farming in Buffalo
Don't Pay for your Neighbors' Garbage
Integrating Deconstruction and Recycling Into the Demolition Process in Buffalo, NY
Residential Deconstruction in Buffalo: A Viable Alternative to Demolition
Sustainable Roofs for Buffalo Schools
At Taxpayers' Expense
Framework for Regional Growth
Left Behind: How Difficulties with Transportation are a Roadblock to Self-Sufficiency
Vacant Land, Buildings and Facilities Asset Management Project
Sprawl Without Growth: The Upstate Paradox
Building the Blue Economy
City of Buffalo Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board
Localization in Buffalo
Starting a School Recycling Program
The Peace Bridge Chronicles
Urban Design Project